Orthopedic Plates and Screws Instruments | Miraclus

Miraclus is an idea whose Centre point is to reduce the surgical efforts of our protagonist – the orthopedic surgeon – and improve the quality of life of patients with orthopedic disorders.

Our philosophy of “Ease of Doing Surgery” has ensured that we offer one of the most comprehensive range of instruments pertaining to bone design and appropriate for Orthopaedic / Traumatology surgeries.

Our instruments come in 4 major categories.

3.5 Small Fragment (Non Locking) Instruments Set Tray 1
Generic Instruments
2.7-3.5 Elbow Instruments SetTray 1
Instruments for Upper Extremity
4.5 CC Instruments Set
Instruments for Lower Extremities
2.4/2.7 DVR Instruments Set Tray 1
Instruments for Small Bone

PFAN Instrument Set

4.5 Locking Instrument Set

4.5 Cannulated Instrument Set

6.5 Cannulated Instrument Set

DHS Instrument Set

Screw Removal Instrument Set

3.5 System Instrument Set (Basic)

Pin and wire

Flexible Reamer Instrument Set

Elbow Instrument Set

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