Welcome to the world of “Engineering Innovation”- Transforming surgical aspirations into reality

At Miraclus, we innovate, manufacture and market ‘global quality’ medical (orthopaedic) implants & instruments.

We fulfil the patient’s aspirations to acquire world class quality orthopaedic implants within their budget with our 40+ years of engineering and manufacturing experience & expertise.

It all started in the year 1970 when our founding father (the engineering intelligence behind our products) – Mr. Dilip Thaker came to know about a fellow citizen’s (patient) inability to afford an implant (because of its high cost). While he went ahead and paid for the implant for his fellow countryman, that incident left an ever-lasting imprint in his memory and his heart.

40 years later,
he founded Miraclus.

Today, with his “ever so curious intelligence & passion to do something for the country”, his son, Mr. Pranav Thaker is carrying the torch forward with his experiential expertise in precision engineering and product design and has established Miraclus as a world class orthopaedic implants manufacturer.

Through Innovative Research & Development, we are evolving from merely a company into a ‘revolution’, an ‘idea’, and a ‘vision’ providing technologically advanced Spine & Trauma implants.

Our Vision

To craft a mark of orthopaedic excellence in every corner of the world. To set & reset benchmarks that stands true to the essence of our name “MIRACLUS”.

Our Mission

Engage best in class resources including state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified zealous human resource. Create products which are synonymous to consistency, reliability and innovative excellence. Touching lives & fortifying them to the core.

Our Values

Engineering Excellence, Implanting Life verything we do at Miraclus is driven by our Core Values – Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability, and Quality which has made us the “Engineers of Choice” for the Global Orthopedic Surgeons Community. We continue to collaborate with Surgeons, Academicians, Researchers, and Industry experts to innovate unparalleled quality with utmost accountability. The opportunity & possibility of touching lives of millions of people in need and in turn giving them the core strength is a profound inspiration for us.

Our Philosophy

Ease of doing surgery Miraclus works with the central idea of creating miracles by producing anatomically designed quality implants complemented by international standard ergonomically designed instruments that improve the techniques and outcomes of orthopaedic surgeries which result in quicker healing of the patients. We go beyond the physical products by partnering with orthopaedic surgeons, healthcare professionals and medical academicians in our pursuit of transforming clinical insights into tangible orthopaedic implants.

Our Global Presence

The Team Behind Miraclus

An astute mechanical engineer with 35+ years experience in developing & manufacturing of Special Purpose machines and machined metal parts.

Mr. Dilip currently serves as a Technical Director with Mircomech Products Pvt. Ltd. – a company which manufactures cryogenic valves in collaboration with a UK based entity. Mr. Dilip, who has now been an entrepreneur for the last 30+ years, is the backbone of Miraclus. Responsible for Product Development & Quality, it is under Mr. Dilip’s engineering might & leadership that today Miraclus is known in the market for unmatched product quality.

Mr. Dilip Thaker


An intelligent engineering student and a passionate & dynamic Gujarati entrepreneur, Pranav holds engineering degree from Swinburne University Of Technology, Australia and has undergone course on enterprise management at IIT Delhi.

Having expertise in machine operation and statistical process control mechanism, Pranav has been at the helm of affairs of Miraclus since its inception. Coming from outside of the industry, Pranav first learnt the rules of the industry to unlearn & break the perceptional barriers and take Miraclus to where it is today. Sowing the seeds of the bamboo tree & watering it with his own wit, dedication & commitment, Pranav has led Miraclus from one employee to 100+ and from not knowing anything to a 14+ crore turnover in just 3 years.

Mr. Pranav Thaker


With 17+ years sales experience in healthcare including Pharma & Orthopedic implants, Pradeep works as the mind behind New Product Development and Design.

Having worked at various levels with some of the world’s leading Trauma & Spine companies, Pradeep brings his Subject Matter Expertise in the filed and contributes by providing / giving –

  • Product Design inputs to the engineering team
  • Market, Product & Competitor intelligence
  • Technical know-how & content for marketing collaterals

Mr. Pradeep Raj

Advantage India!
All our products are manufactured indigenously
at our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
located in Ahmedabad city, India.

The wheels are turning faster than ever and India is looking at major reforms pertaining to the manufacturing industry. India is poised to become the third largest economy of the world by 2030, with the country providing ‘3 Ds’ for businesses to thrive – Democracy, Demography and Demand. A large tech-savvy and educated population, skilled labour, robust legal and IPR regime, and a strong commitment to calibrated liberalization make India an unmissable business destination which is catapulting Indian manufacturing companies strongly in the global markets.