Production Cycle

We employ the best in class machinery available to manufacture world class quality products. Our pledge to quality and the desire to create Miracles helps us stay committed to the advancement of orthopedic medical technology while creating a robust research and development program involving the medical community on research projects.

Our Production Cycle

The journey from raw materials to life changing implants & instruments,we have a predefined production cycle where we indigenously develop all our products in our self-owned factory premises. Every stage is scrutinized by stringent quality measures to provide nothing but the best products to our surgeons and patients.


We manufacture the most complex parts with utmost precision by employing our vast experiential expertise of our production manpower and complementing it by latest technology machinery.

  • VMC -5 Axis
  • Swiss Head -11 Axis
  • Gun Drilling
  • CNC Turning

Stage-wise Quality Control

The first component of every batch that comes out of our machines goes through ‘Vision Inspection’ machine which ensures their form, fit and finish as per the desired international standards.

Finishing Processes

We religiously follow a stringent process of “Blasting – Buffing – Anodizing” to achieve better ‘surface finish’.

Laser Making

We use the latest ‘laser marking’ technology to imprint every Miraclus branded product with their product code, batch number, and Miraclus logo for easy traceability and efficient quality control.


Our ’clean room’ is equipped with ‘Ultrasonic Machines’ and all our products go through multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning to get rid of all the alien and undesired particles to ensure nil contamination. This process guarantees highest quality of cleanliness and compliance with international standards.