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Product Indication

Intended used for Intertrochanteric fracture.

Subtrochantric fracture.

Neck femur fracture.

Product Features

Dynamic Hip Screw Plate
ASLP-DHS plating comprises of Locking combi holes.
ASLP-DHS plate possess arch cuts at lower surface of the plate vascularization.
(DHS) Dynamic Hip Screw Plate system
Dynamic Hip Screw
ASLP-DHS plate has barrel angle of 135 degrees and available in 4,5,6,8,10,12 holes with long barrel length of 38 mm.
12.5 mm Cannulated DHS screws with 60-135 length and compression screw.
Cannulated DHS Screw
ASLP DHS Plating System
ASLP-DHS plating system accommodates 5.0 mm self-tapping Locking screws for fix angle construct between Plate & screw and 4.5 mm self-tapping cortex screw for bicortical fixation which transfers load and provide compression.

Photo Gallery

Cannulated DHS Screw
DHS Compression Screw