Dynamic Hip Screw Plate System


Intended used for Intertrochanteric fracture.

Subtrochantric fracture

Neck femur fracture


Dynamic Hip Screw Plate
ASLP-DHS plating comprises of Locking combi holes
ASLP-DHS plate possess arch cuts at lower surface of the plate vascularization
Dhs Plate
ASLP-DHS plate has barrel angle of 135 degrees and available in 4,5,6,8,10,12 holes with long barrel length of 38 mm.
Dynamic Hip Screw DHS Plate
12.5 mm Cannulated DHS screws with 60-135 length and compression screw.
ASLP-DHS plating system accommodates 5.0 mm self-tapping Locking screws for fix angle construct between Plate & screw and 4.5 mm self-tapping cortex screw for bicortical fixation which transfers load and provide compression.