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Product Indication

For fixation of Distal Fibula fracture.

Intended use for Spinal fibula fracture.

For treating Non unions and Mal union of fracture.

Product Features

ASLP Posterior Fibula Plate 8 Holes
Prevents Peroneal tendon impingement & avoids the post op. articular surface impingement.
Anatomical precontured locking plate matches to anatomical geomerty of fibula bone.
2.4 / 2.7 / 3.5 Posterior Fibula Plate - ASLP
3.5 Cortex Screw | 3.5 Locking Screw | 2.4 Locking Screw | 2.7 Locking Screw
Accommodate 2.4mm / 2.7mm Locking screw in plate head and 3.5mm Locking and cortical screws in the plate shaft.
Elongated holes in the shaft region facilitates plate adjustment on the bone.
ASLP - Posterior Fibula Plate System

Photo Gallery

2.4/2.7/3.5 Posterior Fibula Plate - ASLP
2.4 mm Locking Screw
2.7 mm Locking Screw
3.5 mm Cortex Screw
3.5 mm Locking Screw