Proximal Femur Locking Plate System (ASLP)


Used for fixation of Femur shaft fracture.

Indicated for fracture fixation of distal femur condyle.

Indicated for fracture fixation of Proximal Femur.


Anatomical pre - contured plate manageable without any further bending leads to minimal soft tissue irritation
All ASLP-Femur plating comprises of Locking combi holes
ASLP-Femur plating system accommodates 5.0 mm self-tapping Locking screws for fix angle construct between Plate & screw and 4.5 mm self-tapping cortex screw for bicortical fixation which transfers load and provide compression.
Limited contact between Plate and Bone interface enable blood vascularization.
6.5 mm Cannulated cancellous locking screws specially design for Proximal femur plate
Narrow tip of the plate enables easy insertion

Support Material