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Product Indication

Indicated in multi-fragment fracture of proximal humerus bone and its dislocation.

Also can be used in fracture fixation in Osteopenic bone.

Can be used even in Pseudarthoses of proximal humerus.

Recommended in Osteotomies of the proximal humerus bone.

Product Features

Proximal Humerus Variable Angle Plate (VALP) - 3.5 mm
There are 2 variable locking holes at the bottom of the head region which provides adaptability to position calcar region as per desire of the surgeon.
There are 8 variable angle holes in the plate head region which accommodates 3.5 variable angle locking screws.Variable angle Screw fixation is enabled to optimally hold fracture fragments as per the desire of the surgeon.
Variable Angle Locking Proximal Humerus 3.5-mm Plate
3.5 mm Variable Locking Screw
3.5 mm variable angle screws provide stable fixation, which enhances the secure purchase of the multi-fragment fractures even in osteoporotic bone.
There is one locking central hole at the bottom of the head for the fixation in the calcar region with 3.5 locking and cortical screws.
3.5 mm Cortex Screw

Photo Gallery

3.5 mm Proximal Humerus Plate (VALP)
3.5 mm Variable Locking Screw
3.5 mm Locking Screw
3.5 mm Cortex Screw