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Product Indication

Intertrochanteric fracture.

Subtrochantric fracture.

Ipsilateral fracture.

Shaft fracture like comminuted, spiral, simple, oblique and segmental.

Product Features

Sliding Compression Nail 15 mm
Proximal diameter 15 mm.
Lateral offset angle is 4°.
Expert Femur Nail Angle 4 Degree
Expert Femur Compression (Interten Nail)
Trapezoidal cross-section provides stability.
Femur neck shaft angle is 127°.
Femur Neck Shaft Angle 127 Degree
Integral Locking 9 mm Lag Screw 6 mm Compression Screw
Proximal recon locking is done with Integral locking of 9 mm Lag screw and 6 mm compression screw.