Proximal Femoral (Femur) Nail Interlocking


Treating Femur Shaft fracture.

Ipsilateral proximal femur with femur shaft fracture.

Proximal femur fracture.

Subtrochantric fracture


Femoral intramedullary Nail has 5° deflection angle, enables easy insertion from Greater Trochanter.
Restriction mode locking nail has 12° anteversion angle.
Proximal Locking :
I Static Locking - Static locking is done with
5 mm locking bolt at 130° antegrade position.
Proximal Locking :
II. Recon Locking - Recon Locking for combine Femoral
shaft and neck fractures and subtrochantric fractures.
Distal Locking:
I. Static Locking - static locking is done with 5 mm locking bolt.
Distal Locking:
II. Dynamic Locking - dynamic locking is done with 5 mm at distal position of the dynamic capsule hole.

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